About copyright

Please read the following rules carefully:

Article 1: abide by the rules
1. All products of this website are original design products.
2. You may not share, resell or give away my documents.
3. If you want to use multiple stores, please buy again.
4. The product can be modified at will.
5. For security reasons, we have embedded the logo in the grid. It can also be used as proof of purchase.

Article 2: customization rules
1. We accept document customization.
2. The ownership of the customized order belongs to the buyer.
4. This website does not retain customized documents. Please keep them by yourself. 

Any violation of our rules and copyright will receive DMCA deletion notice and will be deleted from imvu. All sales are final. As the product cannot be returned, we will not refund it. If you have any questions about your documents, please contact us. Enjoy your creation!
Please don’t ignore these rules. We’ve been paying attention to them.

Thank you for reading.